About PPG

PPG makes early & mid stage investments in to innovative companies in the digital media landscape.

PPG is Iran’s leading Digital Media Group. Through our domestic media ownership we have brought a revolution in the Iranian Digital Marketing ecosystem. Each individual company provides an active support with strategy and structure, that meets business key performance indicators in market

What We Do

PPG is a fast-growing corporate venture investor who has brought golden opportunities for emerging companies in digital marketing landscape. In the past years, PPG companies have transformed the media business and the way people access information about a business.


  • Through our market insights and penetration in the digital media, we have built the bridge between innovation and access.
  • PPG technologies powers digital transformation through services, designed to reinvent application portfolio and a new style of IT.
  • Every PPG company is developed to focus on a unique technology to fulfill a different aspect of digital marketing or advertising solutions.

PPG Diversity

We make early to mid stage investments in tech companies who bring a state-of-the-art solutions in the digital advertising environment.
Our goal is to become partner with companies that can benefit from our media expertise and global perspective.
Our investments all share the following characteristics: viability and sustainability in the complex business environments present in Iran and the Middle East, uniqueness and local relevance to be defensible against global competition, scalability across multiple regions.

Our Interests

We believe good companies are bought, not sold. PPG’s key interest is to make strategic investment in companies and technologies that enhances the digital experience for our clients. PPG Group provides strategic funding & leadership to companies at the intersection of media, marketing and technology. We are passionate about entrepreneurs, excited about the innovation taking place and thrive on disruption.

  • Marketing Technology
  • Anetwork
  • Web Advertising solutions
  • Adad
  • Mobile Advertising solutions
  • Adro
  • Ad Exchange Solutions
  • DMC | Digital Media House
  • Digikala
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • RasaRank
  • SEO Dashboard
  • Affiliate Technologies
  • NazarBazaar
  • Online Survey
  • Media Technology
  • CDN
  • Content Marketing Solutions
  • AkhbarRasmi
  • Online Media & PR
  • RasaBlog
  • Blog Dashboard Solutions
  • Mediavest
  • Media Buy Investments
  • Cangoro
  • content discovery service


PPG is a global, mission-oriented investment company. Although there are no limits to where it invests, its primary focus is projects located in the Middle East. At PPG we believe that everyone has the right to have the right access within the whole region. When making investment decisions, PPG does not simply assess financial returns. It also takes into account how potential investees can help solve some of the critical challenges facing news media. This philosophy enables PPG to invest in projects with moderate scaling opportunities if they are likely to have a high impact on sustaining news businesses or building open societies.


With a broad networks and media industry connections, we have brought access to a diverse collection of media leaders.
PPG has proudly invested in more than 15 companies and established a connected circle of marketing leaders.


PPG’s partnership intends to leverage the industry expertise towards selected investments in digital media technology and solutions in Iran and around the world. With a global reach PPG focuses on growth equity investments where its deep industry experience and unique network of strategic relationships, limited partners and advisory board members can value for portfolio companies.

Apply for Finance

To apply for regular PPG financing, first complete an inquiry form . We will then evaluate whether your organization meets the basic eligibility criteria for becoming an applicant. If it does, we will start the application process and ask you for more details about your business and your project.
Applying for PPG financing is a detailed process that usually takes several weeks. We will need to fully understand your business, and applicants need to understand the demands that we will make on them should they be successful, such as completing detailed monthly financial reports.